Why romantic imperative?

After making the commitment to creating a blog, I wanted to come up with a name that reflected both my writing persona and my material.

After all, Monette writes romantic suspense more along mainstream lines(for the uninitiated that means slower build up and less sex scenes) and Rae writes more sensual/sexier romance (faster buildup and more sex). So, I needed a title that encompassed the whole of my milieu.

I also needed to pull in the fact that my characters once connected are definitely on the path to a long-lasting and intense romantic and sexual relationship. My heroes are pretty much alpha, following a territorial imperative to mark their women as theirs and theirs alone, and my heroines are strong women who mark their men in return. For the women there is more than genetics going on; their hearts are involved — thus romantic imperative.


~ by Monette Michaels on January 3, 2010.

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