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Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie Adkins, and I’m so excited to be spending time with you today, talking about my new release from Ellora’s Cave called Seducing Reagan. For those of you who are new to my writing, I usually pen contemporary erotic romance stories, but I’ve also dabbled in suspense and the paranormal world. Aside from Ellora’s Cave, I’ve also been published with Liquid Silver Books, Phaze Books, Loose Id, and Cobblestone Press. The basis of Seducing Reagan came after a chance encounter I had with a pair of gorgeous twin brothers while on vacation. No, it wasn’t that kind of encounter. *wink* I spotted them from across a hotel lobby as they were checking in, and as I watched them, a story was born in my devious little brain. LOL In Seducing Reagan, my heroine is seduced by three brothers – Brett and twins Dane and Derrick. They spend a heated afternoon together in Reagan’s home, and … well, I don’t want to divulge all of my secrets, but here is a teaser excerpt that takes place while the four of them are standing in her living room. I hope you enjoy it.


The twins tilted their heads simultaneously and gave her a curious look. Once again, the similarity between the two of them caught her off guard and muddled her train of thought. Their eyes were the same eerie shade of green, and they were exactly the same height and build. Their body movements mirrored each other’s perfectly, and their hair was cut the same. Even the curls seemed to match. It was a spooky resemblance.

“What’s wrong?” Derrick asked.

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Reagan smiled timidly at them.

“I was just thinking how uncanny it is that you two look so much alike. I don’t see how your own mother can tell you apart.”

In one quick movement that took her completely by surprise, Dane gripped his shirt with both hands and slid it deftly over his head. When he stood bare-chested before her, she thought for sure her heart had stopped beating.

“Dane has that scar,” Derrick said. “He got it from a motorcycle accident when we were seventeen years old.”

True, there was a long, jagged scar that extended from Dane’s chest all the way down to his navel. She couldn’t imagine how horrifying the accident must have been to leave such a ghastly reminder. Still, at the moment, the scar was far less intimidating than the rest of him. Every ripple of his muscles caught her attention, and she clenched her fists by her side to keep from reaching out and touching them.

“But…you don’t walk around with your shirts off,” she replied, trying to keep her voice calm. “That’s not a fair way for people to tell the two of you apart.”

Dane stepped closer and reached for one of her hands. After gently uncurling her tightly wound fingers, he placed them against his scar. She could feel his heart beating beneath her fingers, and she smiled when she noticed the way it started thumping precariously the moment she touched him and looked into his eyes.

His skin was hot to the touch, which mesmerized her. She had no memory of Collin’s body ever feeling as though it were on fire.

“What are you thinking about?” Brett asked.

His voice was low, deep, and sunk directly into her bones. He moved so that he stood behind her now, and his mouth was so close to her ear that she could feel the warmth of his breath against it. She wanted to turn and look at him, but for the life of her, she couldn’t tear her gaze away from Dane’s.

Something in her conscious screamed for her to run, but another bigger part of her begged to stay right where she was. There was no denying how the atmosphere in the room had suddenly changed, and even though she probably should have been terrified, she felt strangely at ease being surrounded by the three of them.

“I was thinking about how…I don’t recall ever feeling someone’s skin so hot before.”

Dane rested his hand against hers once again and began moving it slowly down the length of his scar. While her fingertips slid along the jagged trail, she tried to control her composure, but even that was a useless attempt.

“Didn’t your body feel this way when Collin touched you?” Derrick asked. “Like it was on fire?”

He came and stood beside her, and the electricity in the room climbed to a fevered pitch. They were so close now. The scent of their cologne evaded her senses, making her knees wobbly, and the heat that emanated from the three of them was undeniable.

When Dane let go of her hand, she continued moving it up and down along his scar. She felt as though she were in a trance. A thousand reasons why she should walk away from them coursed through her mind, but her feet remained firmly planted where she stood.

“No, never,” she admitted. It was the truth, and there was no use denying it.

Brett moved her long, brown tendrils away from her neck. When his fingers grazed her skin, she shivered from her head straight down to the tips of her toes. The force of it made her moan.

Closing her eyes, she reveled in the feel of his breath against her ear and her neck. The sheer excitement from it was intoxicating and made her lightheaded. When she swooned against him, he wrapped his strong arms around her waist to keep her steady. They were all in such close proximity that there was barely any space left between them.

Brett slid his fingers down the side of her neck, stopping at the vein that now pulsed furiously. Leaning closer, he nuzzled his lips against her ear, making her quiver.

“Do you want to know what it feels like, Reagan?”

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  1. Stephanie. Thanks so much for sharing the excerpt from your new release. Many sales!

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