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As my holiday gift to my readers, both old and new, I have written a novella entitled “Stormy Weather Baby” in the SSI series. The novella takes place after Book 1, Eye of the Storm (currently available at Liquid Silver Books and other online retail outlets) and before Book 2, Cold Day in Hell (soon to be published at Liquid Silver Books).

Here is a blurb for “Stormy Weather Baby”:

Keely Walsh-Maddox is eight months pregnant and feeling boxed in by Ren’s over-protectiveness. So, when Price Teague’s doctor sister, Fiona, calls and says she is in Idaho and needs a ride, Keely takes the opportunity to escape her velvet cage and drive to Grangeville to pick up the woman. She never expected to place her unborn child in danger, but that is exactly what happens when the women find themselves being pursued by mercenaries. Normally, bad guys following her home wouldn’t faze Keely, she’d just turn the tables and shoot them. But this time, she is in early labor and doesn’t want to mess with them. At least, she has a doctor riding shot gun.

To obtain your FREE download, go to my website and click on the link on the main page. The 26,000 word novella is currently only available in PDF, but I hope to figure out how to convert it for Nook and Kindle after the holidays. Any updated on the formats will be found onthe SSI page under Monette Michaels books on my website.

I truly hope you enjoy this tale of the birth of Ren and Keely’s baby and the introduction of a future SSI romance. — Monette, Christmas, 2011


~ by Monette Michaels on December 23, 2011.

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  1. I wanted to know if you had a date set for Cold Day in Hell being published. I am really looking forward to this story and the ones to come. I l fell in love with the characters in the first book and still reread the book every couple of weeks!! Keep up the good work!!

    • Hi, Emily. I expect Cold Day to come out some time in January. It is in proofing now and I still don’t have a cover. Once those things are done — it will go into final stage of pre-pub and get a date. I was told they want it to come out as early as possible.

      And thanks for loving Eye of the Storm and I hope Stormy Weather Baby. I really appreciate my fans for making this series so well-received.

      Happy New Year!


  2. Ms. Michaels,

    If you’re interested I’ve got ePub & Mobi (Kindle) copies of your story that I made to read on my devices, I can email them to you if it would help.

    • Brian —

      Thank you for thinking of this. But I am waiting on a cover for the novella before I finalize the formats. My cover artist was swamped over the holidays and is just now getting caught up. Once I get the cover, I will get all the formats up. I have Calibre and think I can use that to create the files with no problems. If I do have issues, I will definitely let you know.

      Thanks again for the kind offer —


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