Love in the Cards — The Wheel of Fortune

Love in The Cards (small)My contribution to the Love in the Cards anthology is now up at Love Lust and Laptops blog.

Here is the direct short link:  Story

This story is a slight departure from my  usual contemporary thrillers and scifi romance series.

I would love to explore the subgenere of BDSM in my contemporary suspense.

Please comment and tell me if you would read my romantic thrillers if my  alpha males became even more dominant in the bedroom.

One commenter will receive a FREE download from my back list as Monette Michaels or Rae Morgan.


Thanks! — Moni

4 thoughts on “Love in the Cards — The Wheel of Fortune

  1. I’m a huge fan of your SSI series and the uber-alpha males therein. I also love the smart and strong women who are loved by our guys. I find the chemistry between them irresistible and the hot love scenes pant worthy. But for me ROMANCE is an absolutely essential element in a good story and I think there is nothing romantic about the actions involved in BDSM. Lust? Sure. Fantasy/fetish? Of course. But romantic? Not at all. BDSM has it’s place and fans but not in a story that is supposed to be a “romance”.

    • Thanks, Judy. I’m so happy you commented. I never know how far to push the envelope. I am always about the romance and my alpha-males have that gushy core under their dominant rough exteriors. So, my envelope pushing will never take out the romance. I like sigh-worthy novels myself.

  2. I love your SSI Series and Godden and Knight Mysteries. I think that you could explore the darker depths of dominance and BDSM. While some people are not fans of this genre others are. I personally do not like over the top BDSM books but a little bondage, maybe a spanking and an alpha male could be an interesting combination..

    • Thanks, Heather. My feelings are very close to yours – I like a little kink with my sex, but not over the top. And thanks again for liking my books. Loveds that you mentioned the Gooden and Knight books– I’ve a soft spot for them, but alas, they don’t sell as well as SSI and Prime.

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