A Thanksgiving Tradition

Naked In DeathI bet when you read the title you assumed I’d be talking about food or family.

Well, I’m not.

Yes, we have turkey and the fixings.  And, yes, my dear hubby and darling son and I are all together for the day.  Football games will be viewed (not parades, my husband hates them!) by my hubby. My son plans on working on a school project due next week.

But after the clean up is done and I write at least 3,000 words on my current work-in-progress, I will do what I have done for the last four years — I will begin my re-reading of every J.D. Robb Death series books and novellas, in order. One book every evening until I get through them all.

Yes, I love those damn books.  And with the fact that each year she usually adds two full novels and maybe a novella or two, it takes longer and longer to get through them all with each passing year. (Um, duh, stating the obvious there, Moni.)

What about these books pulls me back again and again?

The relationship between Eve and Roark, one of the greatest romances in romantic suspense fiction.  Their relationship with the family of friends they have around them. The humor, sometimes macabre.  The sense of place and time — no one builds a world better and in such a tightly written fashion as Roberts does. And the great police procedural plots and three-dimensional villains.

The J.D. Robb books are the best writing Nora Roberts does. Hands down.  And since I read a lot, and I have lots of other authors whose books I re-read – that’s saying something. 🙂

If you haven’t read a single J.D. Robb book, start with Naked in Death (first published in 1995 and stil available in mass paperback) and see if you don’t get hooked.  Here is the LINK to the Official J.D. Robb website.

I have my list of the chronological order (there is a PDF of it on her site, but it is missing the 2013 additions) and I will check them off as I read them. I figure I’ll have finished them all by the end of the year (I read fast and can do a novella and a novel in an evening). 47 novels and novellas just waiting to be rediscovered.

Whatever your Thanksgiving Day traditions are — HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

4 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Tradition

  1. That is fabulous, I have a lot if the JD Robb book love them too not all of them though I missed a lot when I was editing and stuff. I have several others that I reread all the time Divine Evil ‘Nora Roberts’, Mr Perfect Linda Howard, 2000 Kisses Christina Skye, ha ha your books. The list is endless lol.

    • Gail — I also like Linda Howard’s books — her earlier ones. Lately she has kind of disappointed me. her Mackenzie books are still my favorite – but I did love Mr. Perfect. Laughed out loud at that one. Dream man is another I re-read – a lot! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Had no idea you were such a fan of hers! I LOVE those (Eve & Roark) books too! Have read all but the most recent 2–guess I’d better get busy! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Good luck finishing by New Year’s Eve!!

    • Hey, Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the Eve and Roark love. Just finished up Conspiracy in Death (the one where Eve had her badge taken away — gets me every time how devastated she was and how perfectly Roark handled it. Loyalty in Death is on deck for tonight — that’s the Cassandra one and the fight on the Staute of Liberty. 🙂 Love my J.D. Robb. You and your hubby have a Happy Holiday.

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