The Alien Has Been Named!

MM_TPC3_PrimeImperative  Congratulations to Margaret S. !!

My son chose her entry for naming the scavenger-pile-of-rags-looking creature in my next Prime book, Prime Imperative (still being written — patience, please.)

The pile of rags creature will be officially known as “wefiantooth” or weaver tooth in Galactic Standard.  It is a spider-plant hybrid from Jangalweorld in the Mu Area solar system (where Tooh 2 and Tooh 10 are located).  And my son modified one of Margaret’s nicknames into “ragbug,” because it was descriptive and not too cute. He’s a guy. 🙂

Margaret, I will e-mail you to find out how you’d like to be acknowledged in my book.  You’ll receive an advanced review copy of the PDF (when the book is done and fully edited) from which the other e-book formats are created.  This means other than my beta-readers, crit partners, and editors, you’ll have it before anyone else. 🙂

Thanks to all the other entries.  I really enjoyed the participation and creativity of all of you.