Firestorm Has Not Been Cancelled and Is Still Due Out on 1/13/2020

For those fans who have preordered my book Firestorm and just received notices from Amazon that my book was cancelled.  THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Due to an error in an automated system, Amazon inadvertently thought the book had been cancelled by the publisher (um, that’s me).  I did not cancel the book.  In fact I am doing one last proofread and polishing the book blurb now and was getting ready to send it to my distributor for formatting.  So, the book is done and all that is left now are the technical things to get it ready for all the retailers so they can release it ON TIME on January 13, 2020.

For those who preordered it at Amazon, thank you.  I hate to say this and I know it is an inconvenience, but it is now very likely you will need to order it again.  I don’t think Amazon will go back and reinstate the previous orders.  If you re-preorder (and I hope you do), please make sure Amazon had actually removed the book from your Account.  One fan who has already gone up to preorder said that her Orders showed no Firestorm, but when she went to preorder it, Amazon said she had already ordered it.  So, she is following through with Amazon Support to make sure she doesn’t get a double order.

I have let my distributor know about this new wrinkle. My distributor has been on this with me since I learned of the issue.

The link at Amazon is now live again and here it is:

Firestorm at Amazon

Thanks for being my fans. I am so sorry this happened. But it was just one of those weird things that might never happen again. As I said, it was a major OOPs.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday season (for whatever holidays you celebrate) and a Happy New Year. — Monette