Liquid Silver Books Celebrates the Birth of the Vampire Novel, May 24th to 27th

Gooden and Knight Paranormal Mystery, Book 1

Gooden and Knight Paranormal Mystery, Book 1

My publisher Liquid Silver books is celebrating the birth of the vampire novel. Bram Stoker published his famous Dracula in May of 1897.

From from May 24th through the 27th, vampire fans will save 35% off select vampire romance books.  To further celebrate this special holiday, Liquid Silver will be interviewing select vampires from the books on sale.

My Jurnik Golub from The Virtuous Vampire (one of the selected books) and The Deadly Seance,(not in the sale) two books in the Gooden and Knight Paranormal Mystery series, will kick off the vampire interview marathon on May 24th.

The other vampire interviews will be as follows:

May 25th — Ian  from author Rhonda L. Print

May 26th —Truman from author Elizabeth Finn

May 26th —Dracula, the original.

So, please join us all at Liquid Silver Books and meet the vampires.

Then go out and save 35% on select vampire novels including one of my Gooden and Knight books.  🙂

Gooden and Knight Paranormal Mystery, Book 2

Gooden and Knight Paranormal Mystery, Book 2

Love, Lust, and Laptops

I love to read.

I read romance, mysteries, thrillers, action-adventure (um, Clive Cussler anyone?), fantasy, science fiction … well, you get the picture. I read.

On good days (when I am not recovering from eye surgery), I read a book a night. It is how I relax and clear my mind before going to bed. So, I read a lot of books.

Dangerous Edge of ThingsEvery once in a while I read a book that blows me away, and then I have to read everything the author has written. Once such author is Tina Whittle, who writes the Tai Randolph series for Poisoned Pen Press. Now, if you can’t tell from the name of the publishing company, Poisoned Pen is a small indie press that publishes mysteries. I have read other authors published by Poisoned Pen, and they publish excellent books.

When I read the Publisher’s Weekly review of the first Tai Randolph…

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Love, Lust, and Laptops

Monette Michaels

Tate entered the loft apartment he shared with his bride of two months and locked both deadbolts. He punched in the security code to rearm the system. Being part of an NYPD Special Crimes Unit undercover op targeting a serial rapist who preyed on women out clubbing might have also played into his increased safety concerns.

He moved through the loft in the early morning darkness, shedding clothes as he aimed for their bedroom. He silently chuckled. His actions weren’t too dissimilar from what he’d been doing at Lucky’s Bar and Strip Club only hours earlier. But there he’d stripped off rip-away clothing and had hundreds of screaming women thrusting money into his metallic blue g-string.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath. His damn cock was up again. This undercover op would be the death of him—either that or he’d wear off the skin of his…

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Muse Wednesday — Wendi Zwaduk

I want to welcome Wendi Zwaduk to Muse Wednesday. I met Wendi as a pre-pubbed author at Lori Foster’s Reader and Author Get-Together. Wendi pitched to me (I was representing my publisher at the conference), and her energy won me over. She sent me something and I made comments and then she subbed. Now, she is a published author and if I had even a small part in making that happen, I am thrilled.


k5197-3I want to thank Moni for having me here today. I love talking about the Muse and how she gets my stories rolling. Plus hanging out with Moni is always fun!

When I sat down to write Somewhere I Belong, I knew I wanted to write about farmers. Seems like a sort of boring thing to write about, doesn’t it? Not ranchers, not guys with lots of horses, but farmers. Why? I grew up on a farm. I’ve been around farmers all my life. Oh, and where I live now? There are farmers everywhere. Yeah, I’m surrounded by the Kenny Chesney, “she thinks my tractor’s sexy” set.

But there’s a little bit more to the story. I started writing Somewhere I Belong over two years ago. I set out to write a story that captured the essence of what I live with and what I’d grown up with. I also had a more personal connection. My dad, a life-long farmer, lost his job. He’d worked as a farmer but also at a factory to make sure we had enough to have food on the table and clothes on our backs. But he’d lost his job. Now I wasn’t making enough as an author to help them out, but I thought if I wrote a story with a farmer and the trials of being a farmer, then it might bring awareness. It also was sort of a story for Dad, even though I know he’ll never read it. Romance books aren’t his thing.

I have to admit, Sully isn’t a thing like my dad. Dad isn’t one for tats or piercings, but Dad does play a mean air guitar. But hey, we can’t all be perfect.

I finished the story and was happy with what I’d come up with. Granted, the muse wanted me to write a story for the brother and a couple other people, but that will happen when it happens.  The muse was happy because I got to play with my tatted, pierced and totally un-farmer-like farmer. Oh, and did I mention picture hunting for inspiration? Oh yeah! There is a lot of inspiration to be had out there if you’re looking for a tatted farmer. If I owned the rights to the pictures, I’d share. Alas, I don’t. Rats!

Want to know more about me and the book, Somewhere I Belong? Click on the cover. somewhereibelong


0WendiHere’s a little about me.
Like spicy romance? So do I! Come along on this journey with me.
I’ve always dreamt of writing the stories in my head. Tall, dark, and handsome heroes are my favorites, as long as he has an independent woman keeping him in line.  I love playing with words and letting the characters run wild.

Wendi’s Web Site
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Tractor image courtesy of the Federal Government Royalty Free Image Site.

Free Security Specialists International Novella

As my holiday gift to my readers, both old and new, I have written a novella entitled “Stormy Weather Baby” in the SSI series. The novella takes place after Book 1, Eye of the Storm (currently available at Liquid Silver Books and other online retail outlets) and before Book 2, Cold Day in Hell (soon to be published at Liquid Silver Books).

Here is a blurb for “Stormy Weather Baby”:

Keely Walsh-Maddox is eight months pregnant and feeling boxed in by Ren’s over-protectiveness. So, when Price Teague’s doctor sister, Fiona, calls and says she is in Idaho and needs a ride, Keely takes the opportunity to escape her velvet cage and drive to Grangeville to pick up the woman. She never expected to place her unborn child in danger, but that is exactly what happens when the women find themselves being pursued by mercenaries. Normally, bad guys following her home wouldn’t faze Keely, she’d just turn the tables and shoot them. But this time, she is in early labor and doesn’t want to mess with them. At least, she has a doctor riding shot gun.

To obtain your FREE download, go to my website and click on the link on the main page. The 26,000 word novella is currently only available in PDF, but I hope to figure out how to convert it for Nook and Kindle after the holidays. Any updated on the formats will be found onthe SSI page under Monette Michaels books on my website.

I truly hope you enjoy this tale of the birth of Ren and Keely’s baby and the introduction of a future SSI romance. — Monette, Christmas, 2011

What I’m Thankful For

I don’t usually blog about general things. I am a writer and tend to use this spot for letting you all know about my books and sharing hunky men on the occasional blog tour. Everyone needs some eye candy from time to time – – and blogs, I am told, are an excellent way to promote yourself and your books online. I also don’t blog every day since I should write! 100K+ books take time to write, revise and edit!

But today, since I got up early to put the bird in the oven and I have some extra time, I thought I would list what I am thankful for. So, here goes — and don’t be surprised if most of them aren’t about writing in some way:

  • My health — for my age I am in good shape, well, except for the extreme myopia, creaky joints and the arthritis in my thumb on my typing hand, but all in all, I expect to live to be a hundred;
  • My husband of 39 years (been together for 41 years) — he is the love of my life, my soul mate and still makes me laugh — among other things;
  • My son — he is a reader like his mom and is a gentle giant (and he’s single and available!!);
  • My fans — without you all I would not sit my ass in my chair and write books, exposing my soul and my feelings to the world. Yeah, I write escapist genre fiction, but every written work has something of the author in it. When you love my writing, you are in a way loving me and that makes me happy and keeps me going;
  • My friends;
  • My critique partners and beta -readers without whom I could not do what I do;
  • My wonderful cover artist, April Martinez, whom I have never met but really need to since she has become a long-distance friend  – – she is the reason some of you want to read my little books.  Her covers just suck you in. She is also the reason I can bring out my backlist with her formatting skills;
  • My long-term editor Terri who is sadly leaving to pursue her own writing (and her demanding day job!) and my new editor Sharis;
  • My publisher, Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, all the admin staff, and the owner, Linda, who is  and has been a very special person in my life since way back in 2000, the early days of e-publishing.  We have survived, my friend — hope to be with you for another eleven years;
  • My snug little empty-nest home and my light and airy den — finally after almost 6 years in this house, my den is de-cluttered and the energy matches me!;
  • Computers — I couldn’t write without them.  Just the thought of an old typewriter and carbon paper and Wite-out gives me an ulcer and a migraine. How did we live before Track Changes?!;
  • My cat Pidge who loves me and is the best lap cat ever;
  • Belgian dark chocolate;
  • Single malt scotch (especially Glenlivet Nadura 16-yr reserve, cask strength, nectar of the gods;
  • The guy who created the South Beach Diet — I am back to my fighting weight and love the healthy way I am eating now which is why I’ll live to be a hundred;
  • My 1999 Volvo S70 turbo with standard transmission — yeah, I drive a stick and will keep this car until something better comes along and since I don’t see that happening, I’ll probably be driving it as long as I can see and do the gears;
  • Skinny-leg jeans — for an old lady, I can rock them;
  • For Pilates since it allows me to rock skinny leg jeans and keeps my bootey up where it belongs and my inner thighs from rubbing;
  • For the person who thought of lettuce-wrapping burgers — Hardee’s and Red Robin do them the best;
  • Pork chops at Squealers in Indy — hey, I come from a long line of hog farmers — pork is the other white meat;
  • Belgian dark chocolate — yeah, I mentioned it once, but it is well worth mentioning it again;
  • Mary Stewart and her novels which is why I write at all — no one writes romantic suspense as she did — spunky heroines in exotic locales and a hunky hero.  Yeah, the sex was mostly off stage but I have a great imagination and I was reading her when I was 12 — so that was fine. I travelled the world with Mary and her heroines and for the time I spent with her novels, I wasn’t in land-locked, boring Indiana;
  • My guilty pleasure reading — Cherise Sinclair’s books — love them and they are a secret indulgence, well, not so secret now.  LOL  And I have never met Cherise, just love her books and would never have discovered her if she hadn’t written me a fan e-mail! Fate works in mysterious ways; and

Well , the timer is winding down on the bird (well, a boneless turkey breast, really, and another thing I am thankful for!) so time for one last thing I am thankful for — you got it — HUNKY MEN pictures — the Internet is truly a wonderful place!  Enjoy! — Monette