Terran Realm, Volumes 1-6 on sale at iBooks

Terran Rel;am 150 _ x _ 200  On sale now at iBooks, this e-book contains all six volumes of the Terran Realm.  That’s six, full-length novels by Keira Ramsay, Bonnie Dee, Jeanne Barrack, and moi writing as Rae Morgan.

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Enter the Terran Realm

Terrans: The species split from Homo sapiens more than 50,000 years ago. As they became increasingly isolated from their human cousins, Terrans evolved into Talismen, Keepers, and Protectors, who battle the evil Destroyers to save mankind and the ones they love. Each developed distinct preternatural abilities to control Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and the Spirit.

Keepers: Armed with the very power of Mother Earth, Keepers use their extraordinary talent to manipulate the elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, and Water to maintain world balance. They are one of the most precious resources our world possesses.

Protectors: The security force for Terrans, Protectors utilize a combination of strength and magic to ensure a Keeper is never compromised.

Destroyers: Destroyers seek to annihilate everything KOTE (Keepers of the Environment) fought to establish millennia ago … and to a certain extent, they’ve succeeded.

Talisman: A special Terran, one who can manipulate and control their signature element. A rarity among Terrans, these beings have slowly become more myth than reality, and their importance and talents have been almost lost in the mists of time.

Dive into the Terran Realm and experience the adventures and challenges of the lusty, the willful, and the destructive. Discover how the mix of love, seduction, and superhuman abilities can steal your heart, sear your very soul, or destroy your world.

Books in the Volume:

Redemption-Keira Ramsay: When two worlds come together, passion explodes, and the line between loathing and lust blurs. Quakes on the coast are not the only thing causing the earth to move in this hot and steamy romance!

Measure of a Man-Bonnie Dee: One man discovers the power of love and fights to restore his damaged heart. Danger closes in and worlds collide as evil seeks to find the measure of a man!

Fruits of Betrayal-Bonnie Dee: World domination takes a front row seat in this hot and sexy romance about a good guy and a bad girl. Or is it the other way around?

The Shimmering Flame-Jeanne Barrack: Fire and water are not the only things struggling to mix in this epic battle to defeat evil. Find out if two men and one woman can hold onto love and each other as chaos erupts around them.

A Perfect Symmetry-Jeanne Barrack: Waging the battle on two continents requires a perfect symmetry of body, mind, and soul, and may be the only weapons strong enough to save the world. Discover if love will be enough when the power of three is unleashed … twice!

Earth Awakened-Rae Morgan: Ultimate love confronts ultimate evil as events unfold with the power to reshape the landscape forever. Will Mother Earth survive as Talisman and Protector discover the ultimate passion and power they share when mated?