Christy Gissendaner’s Newest Book!

Unmasking the WolfOne of my Love Lust and Laptops’ peeps has a new shifter book out!  So, I am sharing it with all of you.


Gina Moretti is determined to escape her rural home of Clinton, Indiana, a place where wolves have met, married, and mated for generations. As the only daughter of the alpha, she’s lived her entire life under her father’s rule. No way is she ready to find a mate until she’s experienced more of the world. Against her family’s wishes, she goes to Boston where her scientist cousin, Dominic, has offered to give her a place to stay. She stumbles, quite literally, into her cousin’s gorgeous boss.

Lucas Mason, a Southern boy turned self-made millionaire, rose above his poverty stricken childhood and now enjoys a life of luxury in Boston. To honor his murdered sister, he hires her lab partner to continue their research. His employee, Dominic Moretti, is on the brink of creating a method to combat the scent of a wolf when his country cousin breezes in. Luke knows in an instant that Gina is his mate. The only problem is…she doesn’t even realize he’s a wolf.

As Luke and Dominic get closer to medical trials, an unknown enemy becomes determined to stop them…at any cost. Can Luke discover his foe in time to protect his research…and his mate? And what will happen when Gina finds out he’s not quite as human as he’s led her to believe?


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Short Excerpt

“Ahhh,” she cried out as she tumbled toward the floor. A pair of strong arms clamped around her and jerked her back to her feet. Embarrassed beyond belief, her cheeks flamed with the knowledge she’d just made a fool of herself. In front of Dominic’s boss, no less. It didn’t take a brain scientist to realize the handsome, make that extremely handsome, man before her was Luke Mason.

He was sex-on-a-platter hot. Chiseled cheekbones, firm jaw, unbelievably straight nose, and a teensy weensy dimple in the center of his chin. This man was a living, breathing Greek god.

“Are you okay?” Piercing green eyes locked with hers as Luke’s grip on her arms slowly loosened.

Gina felt a jolt in the pit of her stomach. Despite Dominic’s warning to blend in, she sniffed the air. She had to. Something about this man called to her animal nature. But there was nothing. Not a trace of the wolf scent. Despite his unbelievable height and incredible physique, only the scent of sandalwood and spice came to her. Disappointment swamped her. He was human.

Luke continued to watch her. Gina knew he waited for her to speak, but her tongue refused to budge. She’d known he would be good-looking, but the newspaper article hadn’t done him full justice. Instead of a suit, he wore casual jeans and a dark blazer. He had the sort of hair that would curl in the rain. She didn’t know how she knew it. She just did. The golden-brown waves were delightfully rumpled in the middle of his head, as if he’d just risen from bed.

Gina gave a tiny moan at the thought of him rising naked from the sheets. He would be gloriously golden, with a tight belly and even tighter buttocks. Physical need rocked her to the core. What was up with lusting after a human? Was it merely the fact he was every woman’s wet dream, or something more?

His sensual lips curved into a sexy smile as he scrubbed a hand over his belly. “Hell of sharp elbow you have there.”

“Oh God, I’m so sorry.” Gina wanted to sink through the floor. Why was she always such a klutz?

“Don’t worry about it.” He drawled in a soft, slow tone.

She’d read he was originally from Jackson, Mississippi. The Southern accent was unbelievably sexy, but not nearly as sexy as the man himself. His face was a mixture of Hollywood leading man and mixed martial arts fighter. He was gorgeous, yet hard. She could easily visualize him serenading a woman one moment, and then fighting to protect her next.

Love in the Cards — Free Stories Just in Time for Halloween

Love in The Cards (small) The Love Lust and Laptops ladies who brought you Lucky’s Charms have done it again.  Beginning October 14th and continuing on through October 25th, the talented authors of the Love Lust and Laptops Blog are providing you free stories just in time for Halloween.  No tricks, just treats.

The unifying set up is the mysterious owner of Dacre House in the Garden District of New Orleans has invited selected people to his annual Halloween Party.  Each attendee receives a half of a Tarot card and when they find the person holding the other half — well, you need to read the stories to find out.

The Schedule is as follows:

October 14th — Jack of Hearts — Jianne Carlo

October 15th — Three of Cups — Becca Jameson

October 16th — Two of Wands — Vanessa North

October 17th — Two of Cups — Parker Kincade

October 18th — The Star — Christy Gissendanner

October 21st — The Strength of a Lion — Lynn Lorenz

October 22nd — Judgement Day — Rosanna Leo

October 23rd — The Empress — Cherie Nicholls

October 24th — The Wheel of Fortune  — Monette Michaels

October 25th — The Lovers — Emilia Mancini

And as we did with Lucky’s Charms, all ten stories will be bundled into a single e-book with pub date and on-line retail sites to be announced soon after the stories end.

As you might have noted, my story is The Wheel of Fortune. Here is the blurb:

Brendan Cooper has lusted after fellow student Abby Hart from afar. When Abby walks into the sex toy party he hosts at the Dacre House Halloween party, Brendan takes fate into his Dom hands and makes sure Abby knows to whom she belongs.

So, mark your calendar for October 14th to get in on the beginning of this ten-day story fest. Or better yet, go to Love Lust and Laptops and follow our blog and don’t miss a thing.

Love Lust and Laptops Blog

Guest Blogger — Christy Gissendaner

One Hot KnightI’d like to welcome my friend and fellow Love Lust and Laptops’ author, Christy Gissendaner, who is on a month-long blog tour to promote her newest book, Hot Knight, coming out from Entangled Covet line on July 22nd. Please register at the end using Rafflecopter for a chance to win a prize from Christy.

Today, Christy’s blog topic is addressing…

Baby Watching

We all know why we do it. Self-promotion, right? While touring the blog circuit, we all have one goal in mind. Sell, sell, sell. But this stop is going to be different. For once, I’m taking a break of talking “books” (not that I do it very much anyway) and going off-roading straight into my topic today.

Baby watching. I said baby watching, not making. Just to make that very clear. I’m in no way, shape, or form pregnant. Thank goodness! Three back-to-back pregnancies were enough for this gal right here. But who is pregnant? Kate Middleton, Duchess of So-and-So. I haven’t seen this big of a media flurry since…since…well, Kate and William’s wedding a little while back.

Being under the scrutiny of so many people while nine months pregnant has to take a toll on the poor gal. I couldn’t imagine waddling around with thick ankles and spotty face and having photogs snap pictures of me! Yet the unbelievable calm, smooth-skinned duchess does it with aplomb. So props to you, Mom-to-Be. Although I suppose I should be upset that you make us mere mortals look like amateurs…

As rumors are swirling that Baby Royal will be born very soon, I’m hoping this post appears before the momentous occasion takes place. But just in case I beat them to the punch, I’m going to make my guess. I’m thinking it’ll be a girl. Dark blonde hair. Blue eyes.

So what about ya’ll? Care to take a guess on what the new baby will be? And who was your favorite celebrity to “baby watch”? Please don’t say Kim Kardashian….

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Stupid curse!

Yves Sucat was a Crusader trapped in a canine body…until a beautiful twenty-first century dog groomer offered the missing link to break his spell. But Regina Patterson was no fluffy-headed female who would instantly melt at Yves’ silvery seduction. The more time he spent with the tender-hearted blonde, the less he was able to keep his paws—hands!—off of her.

Regina was much more comfortable with dogs than men, and the stunningly handsome – stunningly male – knight who now shared her apartment was no exception. She’d hoped to find a man as loyal as the pooches she pampered day after day, but would Yves’s broken curse end with her own broken heart?

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Christy Gissendaner is a romantic comedy author and believes that laughter and love should go hand in hand.

She lives in Alabama with her husband and three sons and isalways hard at work on her next novel, but in her spare time she loves blackjack, karaoke, and anything resembling a vacation!

Christy also writes historical romance as Robin Danner. Check her out at

Muse Wednesday — Christy Gissendanner

I’d like to welcome back Christy – she was here once beforeas Robin Danner, her alter ego who writes historical romances. I’m thrilled to have her back in her contemporary romance persona.


bridget-jones-diaryI’m no stranger to Moni’s Muse Wednesday. I was actually invited a few months back as Robin Danner. I spoke then about Whitney, My Love. I still consider that particular historical as the inspiration to begin writing historical romance.

But today I’m dropping by as myself, Christy Gissendaner. Robin and Christy are as different as night and day. Robin touches on the dark, emotional side of romance while Christy loves happy, cheerful romances. Truth be told, I’m quite fond of humorous chick lit with strong romantic elements and unforgettable heroines. That’s why it’s no surprise I’m talking about Bridget Jones’s Diary. And before you try to convince me I let my love of both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth convince me Bridget was the best thing since sliced bread, let me assure you I read the novel wayyyy before the film was released.

Who doesn’t see themselves in the plucky, mishap-prone Bridget? As someone who has struggled with the same vices as Bridget, I totally connected with her character. I was first in line when the movie actually did come out. I bought the soundtrack…still have it to this day. I listen to tracks from it as I write. I’ve read and reread Bridget, yet she never fails to entertain me. I freely admit I internally read her dialogue is a British voice. Keep in mind I’m from southeast Alabama, so if you could listen in you would be immensely amused!

Self-deprecating humor and laugh-til-you-pee moments are things I hopefully manage to imitate in my books. Bridget is the yardstick I use to measure all heroines by. You want to be Bridget. You cringe when Bridget embarrasses herself. You swoon when she is kissed by two adorably sexy men (at separate times, of course, but imagine how much fun it would be if this was a threesome!) As Fielding’s debut novel, I’m in awe of her success yet it’s completely understandable. My world is a much better place because of this book and one day I hope to publish my own chick lit novel that is worthy of a movie deal featuring the aforementioned actors. (Hey, just because I discovered Bridget before the movie came out doesn’t mean I don’t love me some Hugh and Colin!)


Christy Gissendaner is a romantic comedy author for Liquid Silver Books and Entangled, who believes laughter and love should go hand in hand. She lives in Alabama with her husband and three sons and is always hard at work on her next novel. In her spare time, Christy loves blackjack, karaoke, and anything resembling a vacation!

Find out more about her at Christy’s Web Site

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