No Secrets is Live!

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop No Secrets is now Live at Liquid Silver Books and other on-line retailers.


With dark magick threatening to take over the world, Sheriff Debby Teague runs from her magical fate—and her mate.

Boris Petrov follows Debby to Tennessee; he won’t allow her to ignore his love or the magic she denies.

As the dark forces gather strength and threaten to destroy Debby’s safe haven, only the consummation of their love will save them and those around them.

No Secrets Available as Pre-Release

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What is the Coven of the Wolf?

It is the largest Midwestern coven of modern day witches and preternatural creatures. Fronted by a Fortune 500 company whose headquarters is located in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile, the Coven is led by Drake Morgan and his fated mate (or complement in my world’s lingo) Rhea. Each book in the series presents a new battle of good versus evil and a new romance.

Haven’t read the first three? Look Here.

Destiny’s Magick is the first book and tells how Drake met Rhea and shows the beginning of the fight against dark chaos magick.

Moon Magick takes place in Southern Indiana on one of the Coven’s organic farms and tells the story of Brenna Lindsay and Sheriff Ty Buchanan. They team up to solve a murder that has ties to dark magick which is threatening on the Summer Solstice.

Treading the Labyrinth takes place in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and tells the story of Selena, a talented shaman on the run from a man wishing to possesses her, and Igor Petrov, a shape shifter and a member of Coven security who has fled to Tennessee to get over his ill-fated attraction to Brenna. Gor meets Selena in his animal form and realizes she is his “real” mate. As he woos her, dark magick and just plain human evil invade Selena’s small town.

No Secrets continues the story of Sheriff Debby Teague and her fated mate Boris Petrov from Treading the Labyrinth. A final confrontation and a surprise power of three defeats the dark chaos magick trying to take over the world.

These stories are sexier than my Monette Michaels titles.

Re-Release of No Secrets, Book 4 of Coven of the Wolf

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop The Coven of the Wolf series premiered in January of 2003.  Destiny’s Magick was the first book and was supposed to be a one-time thing to help out my Atlantic Bridge publisher launch her new imprint, Liquid Silver Books.

It sold well.  Very well.  And received great reviews.

Thus, I wrote two more books and one novella in the series which combined white and dark magick, out-of-body sex, astral planes, Celtic legends, and 21st century business.

The second book was Moon Magick.

“No Secrets” was the novella and what I call the fourth book in the series, following Treading the Labyrinth (Book 3) and continuing the story of Sheriff Debby Teague and shape shifter Boris Petrov begun in TTL.

Liquid Silver Books asked me early in 2013 if I wished to get all new covers for the three novels. And I jumped at the chance and said YES.  But  “No Secrets” was in the Zodiac duet called Pisces.  My duet mate, Sherrill Quinn, was quite obliging in breaking up the duet and thus on March 10, 2014, “No Secrets” will be a stand-alone for the first time.  And, of course, it also had to have a cover.  Once again, Lynn Perkins did a fabulous job.

What is “No Secrets” about?  Here’s the blurb and a short excerpt to wet your appetite.  If you have read the novella before, nothing has been changed, but it has been re-edited to catch any pesky typos and  eliminate some extraneous “thats” and “justs.”  What can I say?  I have an addiction to “that” and “just” and am better at catching them now than I was then.


Sheriff Debby Teague fled to Bear Hollow, Tennessee after saving the lives of Boris Petrov, her destined life partner, and his sister-in-law Selena Jones-Petrov (in Treading the Labyrinth). All she wants is her normal, mundane, non-magical life back, but Fate–and Boris Petrov–have other plans for her.

Boris is not happy Debby ran from him, but he understands why she did. But enough is enough. Danger surrounds her in her “safe” little tourist town, and Debby will need him—and the magical ability she denies—to survive.

Dark magick has come to Bear Hollow, and its followers don’t intend to allow Debby to ignore them–or her own dark magick.


Every night since Debby had left him in Southern Illinois, Boris visited and, like an incubus, made mad, passionate love to her. Never mind the fact her sensual tormentor was physically hundreds of miles away in Chicago and she was in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Never mind that she’d told him repeatedly she didn’t want him. Never mind that she’d reluctantly resorted to every defensive dark magick trick in the book, and some she’d made up, to forestall his nightly assault on her mind and body. He still visited and with only slight variations in technique, made carnal love to her on the highest levels of the astral plane.

Tonight he was late. Stupid fool that she was, she called him on it, as if she really cared. And she didn’t! Of course she didn’t.

“You’re late. Hot date?” Debby said.

“You missed me, bébé?”

“No. In fact, I was relieved.”

Boris snorted. “Liar. I’m growing on you, admit it, little hell cat.”

Boris’s astral body reached for her. Debby slapped his hand away and stepped back. Putting what she hoped was a look of disdain on her face, she drawled, “Growing on me? Yeah, like an icky, smelly fungus.”

“Debby, my beloved one, you love me, but are just too stubborn to admit it.”

“I don’t love you, Bo. Get away from me…” She backpedaled and came up against a stone wall that hadn’t been there two seconds earlier. That was the thing about dreams and the astral plane–real world physics went all to hell.

Trapped, she growled, “Get over yourself and leave me the hell alone. I’m sure there are lots of women in Chicago you can torment on a nightly basis. Some of us need our sleep, because we have a job to do.”

“Actions speak louder than words, bébé. So let’s see just how much you hate my love-making, eh?”

Within the space of a millisecond, Boris’s astral body swept Debby’s dream self into a garden on the astral plane, high above the psychic-vamps and unaware dreamers trolling the lower levels. Her clothes whisked away by his thoughts, Debby was open to his sensual assault, once again helpless to fight him off.

Each night it was the same. It was as if her astral body wouldn’t listen to her higher brain, the part of herself that knew Boris and all that he represented was bad for her. Instead some primitive part of her psyche drove her dreams, allowing her to become a helpless victim to Boris’s lovemaking.

Lately, in the pale gray of early morning after a night of indescribable, passionate sex, there were times she second-guessed herself. Maybe she was fighting Boris and herself far too hard. Maybe she could live with him, make a family, and perform magick. Then the bright dawn of reason arrived with the morning sun and she convinced herself yet again that turning her back on him and his magical world was the best thing she could do for herself–and for the world. Never again could she allow herself to lose control of the cursed powers she possessed. Yes, she’d helped rescue Selena, Gor, and Boris from the dark magician Darius, but the use of her powers, grown greater with age, both attracted and repelled her. Call her a coward, but she couldn’t face the horrifying darkness within her.

So she’d run home to her safe little world.

The Coven followed her–and Boris wooed her nightly.

“Little one, you are not paying attention. I am nibbling your neck and stroking your pussy lips, but you are miles away. I am distraught.”

Boris inserted a finger, then two, into her vaginal opening, stroking and spreading her wetness over her puffy labia. Every few seconds, he’d flick her needy clit as if to announce he was there and wasn’t leaving until he got the reaction he desired. Horny, sensual bastard.

“Distraught? That’ll be the day. If you must know, I was thinking of England.”

Boris laughed. His lips moved from her hyper-sensitive neck to her turgid nipples. He licked, then bit first one and then the other until they were rosy and wet. All the while he increased the stroking of her sex. Already her body tightened as her arousal heightened. The tension was so great she had to remind herself to breathe, just as she fought not to react, not to allow him to control her body.

It was a useless battle. He’d proven in the past he could arouse her no matter how hard she tried not to respond. Each night she vowed to lie still like a stone statue, and each night she ended up moaning, groaning and shouting his name to the alternate reality sky. The only thing she’d been successful at was denying him the words he wished to hear–and even those had come pretty damn close to the surface. But somehow she’d managed not to give him the words of love he wanted so badly. She couldn’t love him. She wouldn’t allow it. It was too dangerous.

A long talented finger stroked her G-spot. Debby moaned. The man knew how to push her buttons. If the sex was this good out-of-body, she figured she’d never survive the real thing.