Prime Chronicles On Sale!!


From now through November 30th, the first three books in my Prime Chronicles series will be on sale to celebrate the publication of my newest Prime Chronicles book Prime Target.

Prime Obsession, Book 1, is now .99. Prime Selection and Prime Imperative are now $4.99.  BUY NOW to get these much-reduced prices. JUST CLICK ON THE COVERS AND GO TO A UNIVERSAL BUY LINK page to find your favorite retailer.

Prime Target, Book 4, is available for Pre-Order at most online retailers.  Universal Buy Link for Prime Target


Former Prime sex surrogate Susa Anghard has never been off her planet, let alone out of the Cejuru solar system. While she isn’t naive about men and what they want, she isn’t prepared for the predatory males who now have her in their sights. When she’s kidnapped on her way to a galactic rim jump station to visit her cousin Borac, she has no expectations of being rescued. She vows to free herself or die trying.

When Borac Anghard asks Damon Martin to intercept his cousin Susa’s transport and escort her to their jump station, Damon agrees. When he arrives to meet Susa’s ship, he finds she’s been kidnapped by alien mercenaries. He goes in hot pursuit and prays he finds her before she’s delivered to the person who paid for the kidnapping.

When Damon catches up with the kidnappers, he hadn’t expected to find the resourceful Susa in the act of getting away. And he really hadn’t expected to be so attracted to her. An attraction that could go nowhere—she was his business partner’s cousin and Damon still wasn’t over losing the only woman he’d ever loved.

Take one alpha-male with a slightly broken heart, add in one Prime female finding her courage and self for the first time—throw them together in close quarters in a trip across the galaxy and love will find a way.

Want to read a SNEAK PEEK of Damon and Susa’s book?  Go here:  Prime Target Sneak Peek

Prime Target will go live on Monday, November 19, 2018 and will retail at $4.99.


No Secrets Available as Pre-Release

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShopAvailable now as a pre-release title at Liquid Silver Books. Save 20%.

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What is the Coven of the Wolf?

It is the largest Midwestern coven of modern day witches and preternatural creatures. Fronted by a Fortune 500 company whose headquarters is located in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile, the Coven is led by Drake Morgan and his fated mate (or complement in my world’s lingo) Rhea. Each book in the series presents a new battle of good versus evil and a new romance.

Haven’t read the first three? Look Here.

Destiny’s Magick is the first book and tells how Drake met Rhea and shows the beginning of the fight against dark chaos magick.

Moon Magick takes place in Southern Indiana on one of the Coven’s organic farms and tells the story of Brenna Lindsay and Sheriff Ty Buchanan. They team up to solve a murder that has ties to dark magick which is threatening on the Summer Solstice.

Treading the Labyrinth takes place in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and tells the story of Selena, a talented shaman on the run from a man wishing to possesses her, and Igor Petrov, a shape shifter and a member of Coven security who has fled to Tennessee to get over his ill-fated attraction to Brenna. Gor meets Selena in his animal form and realizes she is his “real” mate. As he woos her, dark magick and just plain human evil invade Selena’s small town.

No Secrets continues the story of Sheriff Debby Teague and her fated mate Boris Petrov from Treading the Labyrinth. A final confrontation and a surprise power of three defeats the dark chaos magick trying to take over the world.

These stories are sexier than my Monette Michaels titles.