Pre-Order What A Witch Desires, a Magic and Mayhem Universe novella

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What A Witch Desires, Book 3 in my What a Witch Series, set in Robyn Peterman’s  fantabulous and crazy Magic and Mayhem Universe is now available for Pre-Order! Publication date is October 21, 2019!!

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He’d killed her parents, her mentors, her friends.

Descendant of a goddess, Brigid Donaldson and her pooka companion have been fleeing for years from a ruthless Celtic god. Determined to steal Bree’s magic and have her for his own, Lorcan Black will destroy anything in his way.

On the run, all Bree longs for is a safe place to call home.

After helping Bree and the pooka escape from Black, Baba Yaga advises them to go to Assjacket, West Virginia. The powerful witch says Bree will find her heart’s desire there. Bree is sure that means she’ll find her home. What she finds is a Goddess-chosen mate.

The deer-Shifter Dale Deering had given up on finding his mate.

When Bree walks into the local diner, he instantly recognizes her as his soul’s companion. His mate. She isn’t convinced—more like terrified. That’s okay. As a former Marine and now Herne’s best hunter, Dale knows how to be patient when the prize is worth it. If his mate needs time, that’s what he’ll give her.

Time is not on their side.

Dale and the Assjacket residents prepare to fight the power-hungry god. The fate of all depends on Bree accepting the mate-bond so she can share her formidable magic with Dale in upcoming confrontation. She’s falling in love, realizing Dale is her heart’s desire.

But evil is approaching. Fast.

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