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SSI Book 4.5



Security Specialists International, #4


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Security Specialists International,#3


Stormy Weather Baby Storm Front

Stormy Weather Baby
Storm Front

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Security Specialists International, Book 2.5

Security Specialists International, Book 2.5

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Security Specialists International, 1.5

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28 thoughts on “Writing as Monette Michaels

  1. Ms.Michaels I have just finished Eye of the Storm. can I just say FRICK-FRACKING LOVED IT! Can’t wait until the next one. Great job.

  2. Stephanie — Thanks!! I loved writing Ren and Keely’s story and am thrilled when readers let me know they love my books. — Monette

  3. I just wanted to say that I LOVED Prime Obsession and I can’t wait until the next book in the series….there is going to be another one correct?

  4. Rebekah — Thanks!! Yes, I am just starting the next book, Prime Selection, which will be Huw and Nadia’s story. I do enjoy this world. I had only planned a trilogy, but just might have to reconsider that decision down the road. But first I need to finish the next two books in this series while juggling my other two series. Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of writing. — Monette

      • Kimberly — I am working on Prime Selection now. I am writing in three series and Deadly Seance came out earlier this year in the Gooden and Knight series and Cold Day in Hell is just going into the publisher in the next week in the SSI series. So, next up is a Prime book. Since I tend to write long, these books take time and I also do at least 2-3 complete revisions before I submit to publishing. So, be patient. Huw and Nadia are next and the plot is evolving as I type. Lots of balls to juggle in the air in this one to lay the groundwork for the culminating book in the trilogy.

        Thanks for asking! I will be keeping the Prime fans updated on this blog and on my web site!

      • Hi Monette, just read Prime Obsession for about the fifth time and was just googling to see if the next in the series was out yet …. Any eta?


      • Marie–

        Thanks for asking. I am working on Prime Selection, Huw and Nadia’s story, right now. I am almost finished with the first rough draft. Then I will take a week off and attend a romance convention; after which I will come home and rewrite and polish the rough draft before sending to my crit partners and beta-readers. Time-line? I hope to have a finished manuscript to my publisher by the end of May. That is, if all in my life continues to run smoothly. I still have a day job that interferes with writing from time to time.

        Thanks again — I love my fans.


  5. Loved Eye of the Storm, I’m a sucker for a strong female lead. Are you planning on that being a series? Can’t wait for the next if so.

  6. Victoria! Thanks so much. Yes, this will be the SSI series. The next book will feature Vanko and his lady will be strong also. I tend to write strong men and the women who can tame them. 🙂 I am currently working on the sequel to Prime Obsession, so please have patience. Once that book is done, I will be doing two books in the SSI series (Vanko’s and then Risto’s). — Monette

  7. I read that with the Goodall and Knight series it has been quite a few years between, now that you are published elsewhere will we get more regular books in the series

  8. Anita! Thanks for asking. I am writing three different series as Monette Michaels now and have one series as Rae Morgan.

    As for Gooden and Knight, I do have another novel in mind and that would feature the whole gang but concentrate on Sam and Gabby’s romance and fill in more about Sam’s Native American background. It would feature skinwalkers and of course murder. 🙂

    I DO want to write Sam’s story and will get to it but for the near future I have my Prime trilogy to finish (Prime Obsession is my best-selling book of all time) and lots of stories in the Security Specialists International.

    As many writers, I have too many ideas and characters talking in my head. Many of my characters get pretty demanding about me telling their stories: Consider that the second SSI book was to be Vanko’s story but Risto beat me up until I wrote his and it worked out to be the better story to tell next. So, who knows Sam may get pushy, But right now I see my next project once Cold Day in Hell (SSI Bk 2) is submitted to my publisher will be the second Prime book followed by a short novella in SSI (it will be a free download from my web site) and then SSI Book 3, Vanko’s story.

    Please keep an eye here or at my web site, I am trying to post updates on my writing schedule. I hope to write 2-3 full novels a year, when they come out is totally up to my publisher. — Monette

  9. Hi Monette just finished your book cold day in hell ssi series when will the next one be coming out really looking forward to it also if there is a long wait can you recommend simialar books with strong males regards anita

    • Hi, Anita!

      Have you read Eye of the Storm yet ? Ren is alpha also and it is the first book in the SSI series. And don’t forget the free download of Stormy Weather Baby — it is a novella and had the story surrounding the birth of Ren and Keely’s baby — and introduces the love interest for Trey Maddox.

      Most of my books have strong males — Prime Obsession is scifi romance with a strong alpha male — and my paranormal mystery series (The Virtuous Vampire, The Deadly Seance) has a strong male (he’s a shape-shifter/wizard). My Rae Morgan books all have strong males. I really don’t write beta-males. So, if you liked Cold Day in Hell — you’ll pretty much like most of my books.

      I am working on Vanko’s SSI book now while I am waiting for my crit buddy to help me with the “issues” I am having with the second Prime book (which is done but not really “done” done). Vanko’s story is tentatively titled Weather the Storm and if all things go well could be out early in 2013. I am hoping to finish Prime Selection for a Fall 2012 pub date.

      Thanks for letting me know you liked Cold Day — it is one of my favorites to date.

      Take care — Monette

  10. I am loving the books that you have wrote. Just finished Prime Obsession and now waiting for book 2. I am also waiting for the continuing of Secrity Specialists international books. I LOVE them all I can’t wait until they are out.
    Thanks again.

    • Diana — Thank you so much for letting me know. I am working on the second Prime book now. The third SSI book is started but I can not work on it until I have Prime at my publisher. I am hoping for a Fall 2012 Prime publication date and an early 2013 SSI date. Keep an eye here — or sign up for my newsletter (here or on my web site). I promise to only send book news or sneak previews.

      Thanks again — Monette

  11. Ilove Eye of the Storm and Cold Day in Hell! When can we expect the next book in SSI books and do you know who it will be about?! I can’t wait!

    • Third book will be out early 2013 if things all workout. It will be Vanko’s story.

      And don’t forget to go to my web site and download the FREE novella, Stormy Weather Baby — Ren and Keely’s baby is born and a future love interest for Trey is introduced.

      Take care and thanks for letting me know how much you like my books.


  12. I ran across Prime Selection Christmas Eve morning and it looked interesting. 🙂 So I purchased it and Prime Obsession (you have to start with book 1!!!). Then I proceeded to inhale the both of them in every spare moment Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I finished at 3 am this morning – I just couldn’t sleep until I finished. They are fabulous. At some point yesterday, I purchased the SSI books (and downloaded the short story) so after I do the dishes, water the plants and possibly (or probably not) vacuum, I plan to spend the afternoon buried in them. Thank you!

    • Sandy–

      Thank you! What a nice post-Christmas gift for me. I am glad you enjoyed them. Keep an eye out — I have another free novella coming out in the next week or so at my web site, called Storm Front. It comes after Cold Day in Hell and features one of the minor characters in that book. Now I need to get back to revising it for the third time so that I can get it ready to proof and format. Watch this blog — I will announce when Storm Front is live.

      Happy New Year —


      • In and amidst work this week, I’ve gone through all the SSI books and novellas. They were just as good as the Prime books but I have one burning question – are we going to see a book with Fee and Trey?

        Happy New Year!!

        Thanks, Sandy

  13. Hi, first, I love your books. Second, when can I hope to see the next book in the Prime series? I’ve re-read then multiple times, and I can’t wait until the next book, or hopefully books in this series comes out. It is so hard to find good sci-fi books, with the correct amount of heat, and fantastic story. Yours has that. Please wright more, soon. You just gotta love super hot aliens, right? LOL!

    • Hi, Daphnie– Thanks for loving my books. Currently I am working on Weather the Storm and hope to have it out soon. That is in my Security Specialists International series.

      Then I will write Prime 3 – so far untitled — which is Iolyn’s book. I love scifi romance also– my friend Linnea Sinclair is the queen of scifi romance in my opinion. I sure hope you’ve read her books. Also Leigh Wyndfield is excellent – she is pubbed by Samhain. Hugs– Monette

    • Sheila —
      Thanks so much for loving my SSI books. I really love my fans.

      Poor Trey, he’s been so patient.

      And is continuing to be since Sam Crocker from Weather the Storm and Storm Warning sort of bullied me into finishing up his and Dawn Wilson’s story. Hot as Hell is a novella and will be book 4.5. It is in progress and once I have it out (soon, I hope), Trey and Fee will get their story, An Ill Wind, and after them is Price with a long novella.

      Then who knows which SSI hero will get his book next? I don’t know. The guys haven’t told me yet.

      After Price’s book, I do have a Prime story I need to write or my Prime fans will get really upset. 😉

      That’s the trouble with having more than one series and lots of characters in each who want their own books/novellas. But I will keep writing until I tell all the stories — I’m just not a fast writer since I do research and then once the book is written I revise and edit the heck out of it.

      Thanks again for letting me know you love my books. My fans are the reason I keep plugging away even when life throws me curveballs.


    • Hi, Emily–

      I am working on Book 5, An Ill Wind, Trey and Fee’s book, now. I am aiming for an end of December 2016 publication, if everything continues to go as smoothly as it is now. My biggest time suck is — I am Registration Chair for the largest mystery convention in the world. My plan is to get the first draft done before I leave for the con in mid-September. Then get ready to revise and edit when I get home. I currently think it is doable. Watch my web site for announcements (I am also working on a new website which will have a What I Am Working On page. I hope to put up teasers there. The new web site is almost ready. Thanks for asking!!

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